Individual Nutritional Consultations


Our fully qualified and experienced Nutritional Therapists can offer a one-to-one consulation focusing on any health concerns or areas of diet and lifestyle that need improvement.  .

Prior to your first consultation you will need to download and complete our Health Questionaire   (link to questionnaire). Please complete this as fully as possible and email it back prior to your appointment so that the information contained within the questionnaire can be analyse thoroughly. This can often help to provide some explanation as to any current contributory factors which may be behind your symptoms or health condition.

Your first consultation will take approxiamately one hour during which your Nutritional Therapist will take a thorough case history, and ascertain your objectives and priorities. Then, taking into account your own present situation and personal circumstances, your Nutritional Therapist will devise an individualised action plan for improving your nutritional status and well-being. This plan may include recommendations concerning diet, lifestyle, exercise and nutritional supplements and will take into account any current prescriptive medications.

In some cases your Nutritional Therapist may well recommend that further independent diagnostic testing be carried out and  the rationale and procedure for such tests will be clearly explained.


Please also send copies or bring with you details of recent medical test results and/or medications being taken.  These will be reviewed and discussed during your consultation.

A follow up appointment will be arranged to assess your progress and make any further adjustments to your programme.  In between appointments your Nutritional Therapist will be available by email or phone to answer any queries which may arise.

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4)  HEALTHY PEOPLE = HEALTHY PROFITS (Business Action on Health) (this is a good header for within the corp section)


Why should employers invest in promoting health and wellbeing at work?

"Because they recognise that a healthy, committed workforce is vital to business success.  Investing in those elements that drive the engagement and wellbeing of your people is going to drive your business and the bottom line. If your company isn't doing this, you're missing an important business opportunity." Alex Gourlay (Chair, Business Action on Health Campaign 2009)


We all know that good health is a prerequisite for top performance and it is well accepted that healthy employees take fewer days off and are more productive.  And yet studies consistently show that enormous amounts of money are lost to business each year from absenteeism and sickness. For example, 

Sickness costs UK employers 8.4 billion per year, but twice as much lost by what has been termed 'presenteeism' - employees working when they are ill or not fully engaged.  (BITC Workwell Campaign).  

Factors which can affect attendance and performance include:

  • Stress
  • Poor quality/quantity of sleep
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Shift work + Long working hours
  • Poor diet and lifestyle
  • Health conditions
  • Environmental factors (light, noise, nature of work)

Many smart employers have taken initiatives to try to reduce the cost of employee sick days by looking to improve the health and wellness of the workplace.  Gym memberships, fitness classes, stress free zones and annual health checks may be offered but unfortunately, more often than not, these prove to be ineffective, as the saying goes - you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink.  In other words, by simply handing an employee a gym membership you cannot just expect them to become healthier.

The easiest and more cost effective way is to help them become healthier, both physically and mentally through education and on-going support. 

"Health and wellbeing is a business issue - it affects our bottom line." (Graeme Collinson, Group HSE Director, Centrica)

Being a happy, healthy and productive employee begins with a good nutrition plan, giving the body the nutrients it needs to work properly in the world we live in - a busy, demanding, and at times stressful, place.

Nutriology can work with your organisation to help your employees improve their health and lifestyles and thus your bottom line. Our fully qualified and knowledgeable Nutritional Therapists are very experienced in dealing with the many health issues that people face in today's workplace. We offer education, advice, and support, without judgement or criticism, to help your employees be the best that they can be.

"We know our business is at it's best when our people are at it's best"  (Alan Walters, Vice President Human Resources, Unilever UK & Ireland)

We offer the choice of either one-to-one consultations, or group presentations.

One-to-one consultations:  We will work with each individual to devise a personalised wellness plan that aims to improve the diet and lifestyle issues that may affecting their performance and sense of wellbeing at work. This can include a full Health Risk Analysis.

Group Presentations: We can offer short talks, workshops or seminars to groups of employees, working with your HR professionals to design an event that addresses the needs of the organisation, including issues such as:

  • Healthy eating for busy lives
  • The importance of exercise
  • Good use of breaks/lunch times
  • Quality of sleep/shift working
  • Managing fatigue and stress


If you are part of an organisation that is comitted to the health and wellbeing of their employees please contact Nutriology now for a no-obligation initial consultation.  LINK TO CONTACT DETAILS





Healthy People = Healthy Profits  (Business Action on Health)